The Winner Says: I’m never quitting. I’m going to stand fast until what I believe comes to pass.
The Winner Says: I am a high-performance athlete.
The Winner Says: Many troubles may come my way but I know I will be delivered out of them all.
The Winner Says: No matter how bad it may look today, I trust that everything will work out in my favor.
The Winner Says: Everything I do prospers, and nothing that rises up against me can stop me.
The Winner Says: Nothing my competition does can stop me.
The Winner Says: I am strong. I am courageous. I am well able!
The Winner Says: I have the gifting and desire to get the job done. I already have everything I need developing on the inside of me.
The Winner Says: I am daring enough to chase after the wildest of dreams.
The Winner Says: I will never quit.

If you keep a winner’s attitude, you will succeed.
If you have the attitude of “Giving it your best, and then seeing how it goes…” You will more than likely fail.

Keep talking like a winner because you were created to be a winner! Don’t quit. Keep pursuing your dreams. Be determined to learn from every outcome. Look for ways to get better every single day, and you will accomplish the dreams that are in your heart.

Welcome to the pursuit.