Putting – Think of Every Putt as a Straight Putt

I’ve learned that great putting can become incredibly simple. It begins by thinking of every putt as a straight putt. Now obviously, the ball will likely curve left or right on most putts, but as far as you are concerned, you should always think of choosing your target line, then simply rolling a straight putt. This takes the pressure out of executing your stroke and adds a tremendous amount of consistency to your stroke. Think about it: Now putting for you will be to read the green for how you think it will break. Next, choose your starting line based on your read. Finally, roll the putt on your line as if it were a straight putt, letting gravity do the work to cause it to curve toward the hole. Wow! Putting is really that easy!!

Here’s your homework:

Go to a practice putting green and bring your putter and one golf ball.
Go through your full green reading routine and choose the best line.
Setup to the ball and think of the putt as if it were a straight putt.
Roll the ball on that line, making your best stroke possible.

Putt this way for 30 minutes and enjoy the results! During the 30 minutes you will notice how simple putting can become: choosing a starting line and rolling it on that line.