Balance is one of the most important elements of a consistent swing. If you are not able to hold your finish at the end of your swing, your shots will be less predictable. Balance allows you to achieve the highest level of efficiency in your swing by producing speed and grooving repeatability. So, the more stable you are during your swing, the better your swing will become and the more consistent your shots will be.

So how can you improve your balance? Is it something you can work on? Yes! I have used this drill with my clients for years now and it produces tremendous results.

Here’s my balance drill: One leg swings

  1. Setup normally as though you were going to hit a golf ball. Remove the ball and lift one leg off the ground. As you stand on one leg, make 5 smooth swings. Are you able to maintain your balance?
  2. Continue to stand on one leg and close your eyes. Make 5 smooth swings with your eyes closed. This will be significantly more difficult as your foot and body attempt to stay in balance.
  3. Now stand on your other leg and repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. Finally, open your eyes, setup normally, and make a swing. It will feel like your legs are glued to the ground! You will immediately feel the difference that balance makes in your golf swing.

Do your best to remain standing on one leg through the entire drill. At first, it may be difficult but the more you work on this drill, the better your balance will become and you’ll produce better swings as a result.